Lost in Thoughts

Sigrid Ryan is a Norwegian student at the American College of Norway.

In the spirit of peace, Sigrid Ravn Ryan composed, executed and recorded a song. In addition, Sigrid also produced a music video which features some of her fellow students to fully tell her story.

The creative visual combined with the artist’s meaningful lyrics and emotional melody leaves listeners feeling lost in their own thoughts, left to interpret Sigrid’s powerful message and think critically about peace.

Here is what Sigrid has to say about the concept of her song and music video:

Everybody is different. We all have different thoughts, ideas and opinions that we are trying to put together in the hope of understanding the world. The daily chaos filled with colors, smells, sounds and feelings makes it difficult to comprehend. When conflicts arise, we must raise our heads and look beyond our subjective impressions. We must work to understand that the world is perceived in many ways.
The song Lost in Thoughts contains exciting instrumental melodies that builds up and forms a melancholic mood. Heavy African drums and soaring bass is at the bottom, while bright synth tones and violin plays on top. The vocals stand out with the soreness and rhythm.
Along with the music video, the purpose of the song Lost in Thoughts it to create an expression of peace. The vocals symbolizes insecurity, while the instrumental lines creates an external battle. The music video creates a visual expression, along with the lyrics.
If you haven’t already, check out the music video for Lost in Thoughts and read along with the lyrics below.

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