Fieldtrip to Oslo

by Tobias Gautier Teigen

Tobias is from Asker, Norway. He currently studies at the American College of Norway.

I enjoyed our field trip to the Holocaust Center and the Nobel Peace Prize Center in Oslo. I found the Nobel Peace Prize Center interesting, but it was the Holocaust Center which really made an impression on me. I have been to this Holocaust Center once before, but at my last visit we didn’t have a guide, and therefore didn’t get all the extra information we were provided.

One thing I found particularly touching was the room covered with names of Norwegian Jews who died in Nazi concentration camps. The fact that these walls also were covered with the dates of their births and deaths, as well as information about where in Norway they were from made the experience very emotional. This made a deep impression on me. As I read the names, the dates and cities these innocent people were from, it was difficult to keep a straight face. I saw that other class mates were struggling as well as they looked around. I found one seven year-old boy from Bærum, the city I grew up in, who died upon his arrival at the concentration camp, not because of his actions but because of ignorance. This made me imagine how the kid looked like, how he and his family were forced onto the boat which would only take him to his grave. As I read, I felt hatred building up inside me; I felt the need to hurt the ones responsible for the taking of millions of lives, a similar hate to what I picture Hitler felt towards himself at the time he took his own life. The fact that anyone is capable of murdering innocent children will always surprise me.Image

I hope that we have reached a certain level of global communication, as well as learned from history that nothing close to the Second World War ever will happen again. However, the fact that conflicts still are “solved” through violence rather than communications tells me otherwise. Will we ever stop killing each other over resources, religion and other poor excuses for taking lives? Even though I believe that most humans are good people with good intentions, one man can create misery for millions of innocent people.


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  1. Kelsi, Morgan, Kerissa says:

    We think it is interesting talking about the Holocaust. Seeing it first hand would be very hard because you would have an eerie feeling.

  2. Aj Leone, Jack Sibenaller, Kyle Beauchamp says:

    It is hard to understand exactly what you go through especially as we are coming from an American background. We assume if we were to visit we would have a similar viewpoint and mind set as Andrew Wynn did. It’s hard to grasp the concept of the hatred you feel especially as we are coming from an outside opinion, because its not as personable to us because it didn’t happen in our region. Your want to hate to harm the people responsible for your own sorrow and discomfort in a sense creates an example of a circle of hatred and how people justify killing and hatred of others that have caused us or people we know harm. In essence solving violence with violence creates no peace.

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